What is Live Scan

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Live Scan is the latest technology in use today for capturing fingerprints. It is currently used by the FBI, DOJ, & FDLE. The device electronically captures the image of the fingerprints. We then laser scan them on to the fingerprint card or electronically send them to FDLE (Florida Department Of Law Enforcement).

Fingerprint Technologies does not do the traditional roll and ink system that is currently being used by the Municipal Police Departments. Ink rolled prints are outdated and unreliable. Most times the prints are sent back by the processing agency to be re-done.

I don't need electronic transmittal, just fingerprints on my card.

We offer laser scanning your prints onto your card, so you can deliver them to the agency or employer needing them or we'll electronically send them to FDLE.
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Ink rolled fingerprints are antiquated and are still currently excepted by FDLE. Ink prints have to be scanned with a special scanner at the FDLE facility, thus losing even more detail. For this reason they have an even much higher return rate then before and are sent back to be re-done. LiveScan is is more precise and has practically no returns on the scanned fingerprints.